Ezee Tile Adhesives

Ezeetile Adhesives Pty Ltd is a ceramic adhesive and grout manufacturing company and is a market leader in this field in South Africa. It is currently the only Adhesives company to have production and distribution facilities in all of the major centres throughout South Africa, as well as having facilities in Namibia and Kenya. This is an amazing achievement considering that the company was founded only in 1994.

One of the Ezeetile flagship product brands that has been developed and perfected by Ezeetile Adhesives, and which is a key to their success in the adhesives market, is Ezeetile Flexibond. This is a specifically formulated, new generation, cement-based, polymer-modified tile adhesive designed for larger format ceramic, clay and cement-based tiles. This product, although it may be used for highly technical applications by specialized tilers, is also very user friendly so the do-it-yourself weekender home improver is also comfortable using it.

Ezee Tile’s Flexibond.

Ezeetile Flexibond is sold, as a manufacturers’ brand, to smaller resellers such as hardware stores. However, the Pro Grip range of tiling products is an in-house brand developed exclusively for Italtile and CTM stores by Ezeetile, and Ezeetile Flexibond is therefore sold under the in-house brand name of Progrip Flexigrip in those stores.

In order to keep growing this brand, I think we should consider a number of brand growth strategies:

Line extension – this would extend the existing brand name to new forms (sizes, colours, ingredients or flavours) of an existing product category . An example of this might be Ezeetile Flexibond Waterproof which would have additional chemical additives for specialized application. Although this is a low-cost, low-risk way to introduce the new product, a risk could be that it may cause confusion for the layman when he or she is faced with making a purchasing decision in a tile or hardware store.

Brand extension is when an existing brand name is assumed, but combined with a new product category . Thus, an existing brand name is extended to a new product category. The brand name Ezeetile Flexibond which is a tile adhesive product, could therefore be extended to the tile grout category to possibly become a product called Ezeetile Flexibond Grout. The new product would be instantly recognizable because of the existing brand name. This would result in a saving on the marketing and advertising costs of the new brand. The risk is that the extension of the original brand name to the new product may confuse the image of the main brand and give the impression to the average consumer that it is a specialized use product, which would not be the case.

‘Multibrands means marketing many different brands in a given product category ‘. The reason for this is that it is possible to create distinct features that appeal to different customer segments. The alternative brand to Ezeetile Flexibond, Progrip Flexigrip, already exists in the market but the Ezeetile Flexibond brand, which is a broad-spectrum tile adhesive, could be segmented to appeal to different customer needs. Ezeetile Flexibond Marble, Ezeetile Flexibond Porcelain, Ezeetile Flexibond Natural Stone are a number of different specialized applications which could fall under the Ezeetile Flexibond banner and could co-exist in the same product category.

Four of the products offered by Ezee Tile.

According to Marketing Insider, ‘new brands are needed when the power of existing brand names is waning’. This could be true for Ezeetile Flexibond entering the grout product category. Currently Ezeetile Grout has a different chemical composition and features compared to an Ezeetile Flexibond Grout, which would be a faster-setting product.

My suggestion for the future growth of the Ezeetile Flexibond brand is to build on the current popularity and success of the product by engaging all four of the brand growth strategies. The risks are minimal as consumers are more educated and demand products with specific features that meet the exacting demands of their specific tiling application.


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http://ezeetile.co.za (accessed on 12 December 2016)

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